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OFX Global Currency Account

OFX 729x90

Do you buy or sell regularly on-line? 

Do you run an on-line business?

If the answer is "yes" then you should consider the benefits of using the OFX Global Currency Account which is dedicated to people like yourself.

Open an OFX Global Currency Account for free and profit from their low rates and quick transfers to recieve payments and/or to pay for products easily on-line.

Accepted by all the major Ecommerce sites and many more...

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The Global Currency Account works with the worlds major currencies: USD (United States), EUR (Europe), GBP (United Kingdom), CAD (Canada), AUD (Australia), JPY (Japan) and HKD (Hong Kong).

OFX charges less than 1.5% on financial transfers, PayPal charges 3% and takes 3 business days; banks charge 5% plus transfer fees and the transfer takes at least three days.

An OFX Global Currency Account utilises the best exchange rates and no fees to save you money and 80% of transactions are completed within the same day!!

All of this is supported by a 24/7 telephone helpline

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